Utahn White Fir Hydrosol

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White Fir- Abies Alba

Origin - Dixie National Forest, Utah

Topography- High desert, Mountainous

Elevation- 6,800ft

Flowering Season- Not a flowering plant

Method- Steam distillation of needles and twigs

Distillation Date - 12/3/2020

Aroma- crisp, woodsy, sweet, clean

Aromatherapy Uses- uplifting, calming, empowering, energizing. Evokes feelings of stability. Increases mood. Eliminates stress and depression. Increases circulation and improves brain function. 

Skincare-  Antioxidant function, neutralizes free radicals, prevents premature aging. Eliminates body odor. Antimicrobial. Stimulates the release of toxins. Beneficial for all skin types.

Shelf Life- Very Stable. 24 months with proper care. Refrigeration is recommended. If refrigeration is not an option, store in a cool dark place and use within 3 months.