Boreal White Spruce Hydrosol

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White Spruce- Picea glauca 

Origin - Happy Valley, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Topography- Glaciated, Mountainous

Elevation- 239ft

Flowering Season- Not a flowering plant

Method- Steam distillation of needles and twigs

Distillation Date - 12/3/20

Aroma- mild, sweet, crisp, green, balsamic, woodsy

Aromatherapy Uses- It is said that White Spruce promotes openness of the mind, encourages emotional blocks and increases overall harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Soothes and relaxes nerve sensitivity. Especially useful for grounding and for meditative purposes.  

Skincare- Excellent for wound care. Prevents infection. Soothing, toning, balancing. Beneficial for all skin types. 

Shelf Life- Very Stable- 24 months with proper care. Refrigeration is recommended. If refrigeration is not an option, store in a cool, dark place and use within 3 months.