Wild Utahn Juniper

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Juniper- Juniperus osteosperma

Origin - Dixie National Forest, Utah

Topography- High Desert, Mountainous

Elevation- 6,800ft

Flowering Season- Not a flowering plant

Method- Steam distillation of twigs, needles and berries  

Distillation Date - 12/4/2020

Aroma- Green, pungent, peppery, bold, piney

Aromatherapy Uses- Juniper is said to offer grounding and purification of the spirit, increases focus, eliminates the negative emotions of worry, guilt or feeling overwhelmed. Encourages self awareness and feelings of courage and protection. Aura cleansing. 

Skincare- Reduction in blemishes, acne and eczema. Increases blood circulation and oxygenates the skin. Evens skin tone and balances pH 

Shelf Life- Very stable - 24 months with proper care. Refrigeration is recommended. If refrigeration is not an option, store in a cool, dark place and use within 3 months.