How to Shift Your Skincare Routine for Autumn

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Ahhh. We love the seasons, don’t we? Each one transitioning into the next, adding texture to our days, making our moments and memories come to life. We excitedly change the decor of our homes to accommodate the time of year and the holidays that fall into it. We switch up our wardrobes, our hair styles, the foods we eat, the beverages we drink:

 Pumpkin Spice, anyone?!? 

We monitor how much time we spend outdoors, the quality of time we spend outdoors, our exercise routines… the list has the potential to be endless. But what should be high on our priority list in importance, but is grossly overlooked, is how we treat our skin inside all of the shifting over 365 days a year.   


Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, I wonder how many of us consciously consider that our skincare routines should be shifting with the seasons. No, I don’t mean by running out to a high end retailer to scoop up on your favorite brands latest product, or by opening the box full of samples that you receive in the mail monthly. I mean really looking around you and using natural remedies for the health of your skin. Have you ever wondered what the colors mean, what nutrients are contained in them, or how beneficial they are to the health of your skin? Do you know that it only takes 26 seconds after the application of a product for its ingredients to be absorbed by your bloodstream? Have you ever wondered why skin cancer is so prominent today? What interaction are these products having with each other? Do they even mesh well? More likely than not, they’re wreaking havoc on your complexion and soon you’ll be looking for the next saving grace to fix what those products mucked up. 

The ancient belief systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine place the changes of the seasons in direct correlation with the body and how it reacts in its physical and energy states. TCM shows us how our bodies are connected to the natural world and how our world is part of the greater universe. This universal connection exists, no matter how far or lost we feel from it. If we take the time to ground ourselves where we are, utilize natural remedies and consciously make the effort to shift accordingly when the seasons change, we just may find that we are supporting an abundant life - both inside and out.

Summer is coming to an end and now is the time to prepare to shift your skincare to accommodate the changes in weather that we will inevitably encounter. As the humidity drops and the air gets cooler and drier, our skin is bound to react accordingly by showing signs of surface dryness. Dryness leaves the potential for excess oil to be trapped under a parched epidermis, (top layer), therefore causing breakouts. Move away from oil controlling cleansers and adapt to The Oil Cleansing Method, (OCM)instead. OCM is incredibly beneficial for drawing out dirt, toxins and excess oils, while keeping your skin hydrated. Like attracts like, so there is no worry for clogging your pores. Keeping your skin hydrated will allow for our natural oil to cycle itself properly, exiting when it needs to with ease. Natural humectants beneficial for this technique include organic olive, castor, evening primrose, avocado and sweet almond oils. You’ll only need a small amount. Apply to a dry face with only the oil on your hands, then massage into the skin with circular motions. Take your time and don’t worry about leaving it on too long. It will only soften the skin further. To remove, soak a face cloth with warm water at a temperature you can tolerate. Open the face cloth and press it onto the face. This will liquify the oil and steam out excess impurities, then gently wipe away. Using the face cloth in this manner for the removal of the oil cleanse will serve as a gentle exfoliation as well. Win win.

Speaking of exfoliation- don’t overdo it. Once a week is plenty. So often I hear of people exfoliating daily. You guys! Too much exfoliation is damaging to your skin! Your skin needs time for its cells to turn over naturally. When you aggressively exfoliate, you’re putting yourself at risk of spreading bacteria, (aka acne), dryness, dullness and premature aging. Let your skin do its thing!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.   


Toners are often overlooked as a pointless step in the process, but I’m here to tell you that they are so incredibly necessary. Toners set your pH and support the moisture barrier, both of  which are critical for allowing your skin to receive the nourishment you provide in the form of topical applications. If you don’t use them, you are wasting your money on product after product because they won’t be able to do their jobs without a healthy structure to work on. Check out our Aloe Vera + Mint, Lavender and Rosemary Hydrosols to provide and support a healthy skin function. Hydrosols are the purest, simplest way for your skin to absorb and retain moisture and they work like magic.

Serum or Cream?

Serums are thinner and lighter than creams. They penetrate deeply and increase moisture, offering a more supple skin texture. Creams tend to be on the thicker side and promote moisture retention, which can be great for surface dry complexions. I find that when using serums, my skin is able to breathe, resulting in a minimized pore size. If you prefer to use both, layer them: serum first and top it off with your cream, or make a skin cocktail by blending them together. Acne treatments, skin lighteners and eye creams all contain active ingredients and best results are reached when they’re applied to clean, bare skin. Use them before your serums and creams and apply them accordingly, from thinnest to heaviest. 

With the Autumnal Equinox just around the corner, it would be beneficial to consider adapting to simple methods that support our bodies as a whole, therefore bringing brilliance to our complexions as well. Wake up early, forgo picking up your device and grab some vitamin D under the pastel sunrise instead. Drink tea and quietly contemplate life. Write in your journal and cry if you need to. Exercise. Breathe deeply. Meditate. In Autumn, nature allows the old to fall away and survives bare boned, naked and raw. Shed your skins and let go of what no longer serves you. Nourish yourself with inspiring thoughts, set goals and prepare for a new you to bloom once the winds of autumn erode that which you brought forth. Create white space in your home by decluttering. Eat fatty fishes such as salmon, trout, swordfish, tuna, and anchovies. Drink loads of water. Add cauliflower, pears, apricots, walnuts, berries and ginger to your recipes, or consume them on their own. Support your respiratory system by diffusing peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense or myrrh. Simple rituals only take 5 minutes, but will pave the way for a fresh mind and spirit. In them, you will unlock chambers inside yourself that may have been closed off and discover a healthier, happier you. 

Make a commitment to care for yourself by raising your vibration higher than the typical plastic bottle and eye catching label that look pretty on your vanity. Make your self care routine magical. Choose to do better and celebrate a more personal reason to be excited about the beginning of each season.

Sending Love and Light.

 Written by:  Kelly Martindale 9/06/2020



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  • Kelly, just read all you wrote right this morning. I really enjoyed it. Much success to you in your FOLKISHSKINCARE, I still have some left in my first bottle. I would be interested in using something for the fall..much success.❤❤🎶🎶

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  • Loved this article and all the helpful hints! Very inspiring and uplifting heading into the Fall season! Just finished my Rosemary Hydrosol… ready for my next order! Incredible products!!

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