Cucumber Hydrosol

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Cucumber- Cucumis Sativas

Origin - Saint Lucie West, Florida

Topography- Inland coastal, tropical

Elevation- 27ft

Flowering Season- annually

Method- Steam distillation of fruit

Distillation Date - 7/3/2021

Aroma- light, cool, bright, clean, fresh, melony

Aromatherapy Uses-  Cucumber is said to ease stress, encourage relaxation, peace and calm. It is awakening, refreshing and energizing. 

Skincare-  Skin brightening and conditioning. pH balancing. Oil controlling. Calms acne prone skin. Cooling for overheated skin. Soothes inflammation. Helps with skin discoloration by reducing melanin, repairs nails, relieves redness and is anti-inflammatory. Beneficial for all skin types. 

Shelf Life- Stable- 18 months with proper care. Refrigeration is recommended. If refrigeration is not an option, store in a cool, dark place and use within 3 months.

Packaging Size- 2 fluid ounces